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An experimental film which explores the conflicting and complicated relationship between man and nature by combining a contemporary dance performance
and an abstract film.


On and on it goes and on. 
Can we stop it now and on?
On and on it goes and on.
Try to stop it now and gone.


Premiered at The Place, March 2018.


Film Production: Vera Romanova and Liza Gusarova
Choreography: Stephanie Handjiiska
Dancers: Dalilah Grocott Cain, Eevi Kinnunen, James Healy,
Rebecca Douglass, Talia Sealey
Sound Design: Monika Dalach
Prop Designer: Alexandra Budarina


Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2018, Semifinalist, Category: Fine Art - Video Editing/Post Production



Behind the scenes of the making of the abstract texture video, which was projected behind the dancers at the live performance, at The Place. 

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