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It's Time


‘It’s Time’ is a project which explores indeterminacy and generativity

by using Time to control the visuals. A generative system built in MaxMSP uses a system of rules which are based on time to create a form, which due to the ever-changing nature of time is unique at every iteration, at every second. The surrounding soundscape is translated into data which colours the form, capturing a precise moment at the current location.

Accompanied by 'A Collection of Moments' - a selection of postcards, each with a unique image representative of a moment in time. Visitors were encouraged to 'Take a moment' as a souvenir. 

Presented as a holographic interactive installation at 

Central Saint Martins Degree Show Two: Design 19-24th June 2018. 

Presented alongside 'Ever-changing' screenprints. 

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